Pavel Sláma, Operations Director, Edenred CZ s.r.o.

I would like to thank Mr. Domalewski for his great assistance throughout the entire process of finding 2 200 square metres of new office space for our company. I really appreciate his approach in searching for suitable premises and especially his fantastic contribution in negotiating the lease terms with the lessor, where we achieved significant savings. I believe that we will cooperate with D-Advisory on other projects in the future.

Lubor Zoufal, Lagardere Active ČR, a.s.

"Pavel Domalewski helped us to find new premises (a company Radiohouse) and negotiate rental terms with the landlord. Thanks to his knowledge and experience in this field, we have achieved significant savings on rent and other fees. During the implementation of the project I appreciated his professional approach and the effort to find the best for our company at all aspects of the project."

Petr Beneš, Founder, HyperMedia, a.s.

"HyperMedia, a.s. cooperates in the long term on commercial real estate issues with Mr. Domalewski/ Domalewski Advisory s.r.o. We turned to this company early in 2017 when we began to consider extending the existing lease. Domalewski Advisory was instructed to negotiate with the landlord - not only to achieve excellent conditions, but also to agree with the landlord to invest in building and air conditioning technology so that we will be able to work comfortably for another 5-7 years. Mr. Domalewski and his team are professionals who always find time for the client and try to meet all requirements. Their overview of the market, the knowledge of trends and the estimation of the future development of the real estate market helped us in deciding on the further direction of our offices. I can recommend their team."

Michal Menšík, Owner, Inveo.cz s.r.o.

"Inveo.cz s.r.o. needed in a relatively short time to find modern and unique offices, a cool environment for our dynamically developing company. Mr. Domalewski has provided us with a complete list of properties and managed to find for us ideal premises with a terrace and a view of Karlín. He also helped us a lot during complicated negotiations with the owner of the property, and he managed to significantly reduce lease costs. I was happy with his services, and I asked him to represent us again in negotiations with the building owner during further expansion within the existing building. I can definitely recommend them."

Jakub Belfín, Technical Director, JCDecaux, Městský mobiliář, spol. s.r.o.

"I have been cooperating with Pavel since 2008, when he found the office space in Prague 8 for us. We have used his services during this period several times - both for further relocation of our company and for regular annual consultations regarding other expenses - eg. service charges. I can recommend Pavel Domalewski and his company because he is one of the most experienced real estate professionals with detailed knowledge in a number of related areas - technology, workplace strategy, building management, office trends, etc."

Adam Zvada, Owner, Scott&Weber s.r.o.

"We have known each other (Pavel) for many years. Therefore, I welcomed the fact that he set up his own consulting company. I did not hesitate to contact Domalewski Advisory s.r.o. to renegotiate the lease at one of the office centers we operate. On top of this, I also asked him to find another place for the newly created office center in Prague 3 and to negotiate conditions so that it would make us economically meaningful. Domalewski Advisory s.r.o. gave me a first-class service. I am very satisfied with the conditions that were finally achieved and in the future I will be happy to use their services again."

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Aleš Hojka, Managing Director, IBA CZ, s.r.o.

"IBA CZ, s.r.o. decided to relocate from unsuitable premises to modern offices. This is why we contacted Domalewski Advisory s.r.o., which was responsible for a market research project in the preferred location of Prague. Thanks to their experience and valuable advisory services during negotiations with the landlord we have obtained excellent rental conditions. Domalewski Advisory s.r.o. also managed that a majority of the fitting out works was paid by the landlord. We are going to move into nice offices in a modern business park soon."

Martin Jireček, CFO, Simac Technik ČR, a.s.

"Our company has decided to use the consultancy services provided by Domalewski Advisory s.r.o. We have been convinced by the methods this company uses so that our interests were satisfied. In Prague 5, where we are currently based, we had several alternatives for lease, including the possibility to renegotiate the existing lease agreement. We needed to find and create an office environment that will give a new impetus to our next business growth. Domalewski Advisory s.r.o. provided us not only with an overview of suitable office properties but also secured for us excellent lease conditions and architectural design of the premises."

Petr Šťovíček, Partner, KŠD LEGAL advokátní kancelář s.r.o.

"Domalewski Advisory s.r.o. has been recommended to us by one of our business partners, as an experienced and mainly independent commercial real estate advisor. Mr. Domalewski personally represented us in negotiations with landlords on rental terms. His job was to negotiate the most favorable rental conditions and find unique office space where we could possibly move in. This assignment has been accomplished to our great satisfaction, so we can only recommend Domalewski Advisory s.r.o."

Jiří Procházka, Sales Director, PF Komplet spol. s.r.o.

"Domalewski Advisory s.r.o. has renegotiated the lease agreement for us in our existing offices. In the future, I intend to use their services again because we were satisfied with their services - expertise, efficiency, communication and the conditions we have achieved."

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